CGI Computer, began operations in the IT sector as a company that produces solution for enterprise companies in 1998. Working with the principle of understanding the customer and working our company succeeded to produce appropriate solutions to the ever-increasing number and permanent customer portfolio with young cadres. Our company, which closely follows the sectoral needs, started importing works in 2006 with a new structure by giving a different direction to their work. First Digital Photo import was imported and certified with E-VIEW brand to serve the IT sector with the slogan "digital lifestyle". In 2008, our company, which decided to add Data Storage units to its product range, has been the distributor of THECUS DATA STORAGE UNITS in Turkey. THECUS is one of the largest producers of Taiwan, producing only data storage technologies. THECUS, which offers to customers with its wide range of products, has increased its market share in a short time and became a preffered brand in the sector. As of 2016, PCG Computer, the Turkish Distributor of GIGABYTE Enterprise products (Server, Workstation, Embedded), continues to grow by strengthening its position with turnkey technologies, advanced innovations, quality assurance and customer service together with the world's innovative motherboard leader. Our company, which knows that the biggest gain is customer satisfaction and adopts this principle, will continue to serve the information sector with new brands and the right products.

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